Chicken Run | 2000

Directed by: Peter Lord, Nick Park

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Main Plot

"Chicken Run" is a stop-motion animated film about a group of chickens living on a farm called Tweedy's Egg Farm. The chickens, led by Ginger, dream of escaping their miserable lives and constant threat of being turned into pies. When a rooster named Rocky crash-lands into their farm, the chickens see an opportunity to finally make their escape. Together, they devise a plan to build a flying machine and fly to freedom. However, the evil farm owners, Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy, are determined to stop them at all costs. Will the chickens be able to outsmart the Tweedys and achieve their long-awaited freedom?


  • Rocky Rhodes, a rooster, is a charismatic and adventurous character who helps Ginger and the other chickens in their escape plan from the farm.
  • Julia Sawalha's character in Chicken Run is Ginger, the determined and resourceful chicken who leads the flock in their quest for freedom from the farm.
  • Phil Daniels' character in Chicken Run is Rocky Rhodes, a smooth-talking American rooster who helps the chickens plan their escape from the farm.


In the ending of Chicken Run, the chickens successfully build a makeshift airplane to escape their farm and avoid being turned into pies. However, their plan faces several obstacles as they are pursued by the farm's owner, Mrs. Tweedy. With determination and teamwork, the chickens manage to take off just in time, narrowly escaping Mrs. Tweedy's clutches. During the chaotic flight, Ginger, the leader of the chickens, gets trapped in the plane's engine, risking her life to save the others. Eventually, they crash-land in a nearby field, but manage to survive. The chickens are then welcomed by a group of free-range chickens and find a new home where they can live happily and freely, away from the threat of being turned into pies.

Peter Lord, Nick Park