Cars 3 | 2017

Directed by: Brian Fee

Cars 3 Poster

Main Plot

Cars 3 follows Lightning McQueen, a legendary race car, as he faces the challenges of a new generation of high-tech racers. After a devastating crash, McQueen struggles to regain his former glory and seeks guidance from a young race technician named Cruz Ramirez. Together, they embark on a journey to prove that #95 still has what it takes to compete against the best. With determination and the support of old friends, McQueen learns valuable lessons about friendship, perseverance, and the true meaning of winning.


  • Owen Wilson's character in Cars 3 is Lightning McQueen, a legendary race car who faces new challenges and struggles to stay relevant in the racing world. Owen Wilson
  • Cristela Alonzo plays the character Cruz Ramirez, who becomes Lightning McQueen's trainer and helps him regain his racing form in Cars 3. Cristela Alonzo
  • Chris Cooper plays the character Smokey, a wise and experienced race car trainer who helps Lightning McQueen regain his confidence and skills in Cars 3. Chris Cooper

Ending Explained

In the conclusion of Cars 3, Lightning McQueen, with the help of his new trainer Cruz Ramirez, makes a comeback in the racing world. He competes in the Florida 500 race against his rival Jackson Storm and surprises everyone by taking the lead. However, he realizes that Cruz has the potential to be a great racer and decides to let her finish the race instead. Cruz embraces the opportunity and wins the race, proving herself and inspiring other female racers. Lightning McQueen embraces his new role as a mentor and continues to support Cruz in her racing career. The film ends with Lightning and Cruz opening a racing training center together, passing on their knowledge and inspiring the next generation of racers.

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