Bugs Bonnets | 1956

Directed by: Chuck Jones

Bugs Bonnets Poster

Main Plot

A psychological study of the behavioral effects of headgear as Bugs and Elmer continually switch personas depending on which hats they wear.


  • Mel Blanc's character plays a significant role in the plot of Bugs' Bonnets as he voices multiple characters. Mel Blanc
  • Arthur Q. Bryan played the role of Elmer Fudd in the Looney Tunes episode "Bugs' Bonnets." Arthur Q. Bryan
  • Robert C. Bruce is a supporting character in the plot of Bugs' Bonnets, contributing to the comedic chaos. Robert C. Bruce

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Bugs' Bonnets" directed by Chuck Jones, Bugs Bunny disguises himself as a woman to outsmart Elmer Fudd. As Elmer tries to woo the disguised Bugs, Bugs reveals his true identity and taunts Elmer, leaving him flustered and defeated. The short ends with Bugs triumphantly hopping away, leaving Elmer in disbelief.

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Chuck Jones Mel Blanc Arthur Q. Bryan Robert C. Bruce