Bridge to Terabithia | 2007

Directed by: Gabor Csupo

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Main Plot

Two lonely children, Jess and Leslie, become fast friends and create an imaginary kingdom called Terabithia in the woods. They escape their troubles by immersing themselves in their fantasy world, where they reign as king and queen. As their bond deepens, they face challenges both in Terabithia and in the real world. When tragedy strikes, Jess must find a way to cope with his grief and honor Leslie's memory. Through the power of friendship and imagination, Jess learns valuable lessons about love, loss, and the importance of cherishing the moments we have with those we care about.


  • Jesse Aarons is the main character in Bridge to Terabithia. He befriends Leslie Burke and together they create a magical kingdom in the woods called Terabithia.
  • Leslie Burke, a new student who befriends Jess Aarons and introduces him to the magical world of Terabithia, where they create their own kingdom and face challenges together.
  • Leslie Burke is the imaginative and adventurous young girl who befriends the main character, Jess Aarons, and together they create the magical kingdom of Terabithia.


In the ending of Bridge to Terabithia, Jesse is devastated by the sudden death of his friend Leslie. He struggles to come to terms with her passing and feels guilty for not being there to save her. He eventually finds solace in the memories of their time together in Terabithia and decides to honor Leslie's memory by keeping the magical kingdom alive. With the support of his family and newfound strength, Jesse starts to cope with his grief and learns to appreciate the impact Leslie had on his life. The film ends with Jesse returning to Terabithia, where he finds closure and a sense of peace as he continues to cherish the bond he shared with Leslie.

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