Bowser Makes A Movie | 2005

Directed by: Toby Ross

Bowser Makes A Movie Poster

Main Plot

Failed student and perpetual job loser Bowser has always wanted to direct a gay porn film. His parents think it's ridiculous, so Bowser has to figure a way to raise the money for the film himself, which he does, with farcical resu...


  • Nick Lewis is a talented director who helps Bowser make a movie and contributes to the plot with his expertise. Nick Lewis
  • Kevin Viol is a stunt actor who helps Bowser create a movie by performing dangerous stunts and action sequences. Kevin Viol
  • Matthew S. Harrison is a character in "Bowser Makes a Movie" but their role in the plot is not specified. Matthew S. Harrison

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Bowser Makes a Movie," Bowser finally completes his movie with the help of his friends. The film turns out to be a huge success, receiving critical acclaim and winning multiple awards. Bowser's determination and creativity pay off, as he proves that even villains can create something extraordinary. The movie brings everyone together and strengthens their friendship, leaving them all proud and satisfied with their achievements.

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Toby Ross Nick Lewis Kevin Viol Matthew S. Harrison