Bottled with Love | 2019

Directed by: David Weaver

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Main Plot

After being stood up, Abbey gets inspired to open her heart in a letter, put it in a bottle and toss it out to sea. Months later, a man fishing discovers it and opts to reach out.


  • Bethany Joy Lenz's character plays a pivotal role in the romantic plot of Bottled with Love.
  • Andrew W. Walker's character in "Bottled with Love" plays the love interest of the main character and helps her find true love.
  • Kate Craven is the main character in "Bottled with Love" who helps a man find true love through her anonymous letters.


In the movie Bottled with Love, directed by David Weaver, the ending reveals that Abbey's anonymous pen pal is actually Nick, her co-worker. They both realize their feelings for each other and share a passionate kiss. Abbey's father, who has been trying to set her up with someone, approves of their relationship. The movie ends with Abbey and Nick happily together, ready to explore their newfound love.

David Weaver