Bos Çerçeve | 1969

Directed by: Ertem Egilmez

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Main Plot

Beginning growing parting longing reuniting breaking and ending of the nostalgic forbidden love between a humble backwoodsman and a naive family girl is told through their secret letters and most private memories in narrative format.


  • Hülya Koçyigit's character plays a significant role in the plot of Bos Çerçeve.
  • Kartal Tibet's character has a significant role in the plot of Bos Çerçeve.
  • Süleyman Turan is a character in the plot of Bos Çerçeve but their role is unknown or not mentioned.


In the ending of Bos Çerçeve, directed by Ertem Egilmez, the main character finds himself trapped in a chaotic and absurd world. As he tries to make sense of his surroundings, he realizes that he is caught in an endless loop of events and encounters with bizarre characters. Unable to escape, he is left feeling confused and disoriented, highlighting the absurdity of life and the futility of trying to find meaning in a chaotic world.

Ertem Egilmez