Bos besik | 1969

Directed by: Orhan Elmas

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Main Plot

The tragic story of a mother who lost her child.


  • Fatma Girik's character in "Bos Besik" has a significant role as a mother figure and a source of emotional support.
  • Tugay Toksöz is a supporting character who plays a significant role in the plot of Bos besik.
  • Handan Adali is a supporting character in the plot of Bos Besik, her role is significant but not central.


In the ending of Bos Besik, directed by Orhan Elmasin, the protagonist, Bos Besik, finally confronts his inner demons and overcomes his fears. He finds redemption and achieves inner peace through self-reflection and acceptance. The film concludes with Bos Besik embracing his newfound freedom and embarking on a journey of self-discovery, leaving the audience with a sense of hope and optimism for his future.

Orhan Elmas