Bore Lee U Kandzama Velegrada | 2003

Directed by: Mario Kovac, Kresimir Pauk, Ivan Ramljak

Bore Lee U Kandzama Velegrada Poster

Main Plot

This is a religious/kung fu/love drama. The master of martial arts, Bore Lee from Sinj, arrives in Zagreb to learn yoga in order to relax more easily before his fights. He falls in love with the beautiful yoga instructor Anayoga, ...


  • Slobodan Alavanja plays a supporting role in the plot of Bore Lee: U kandzama velegrada. Slobodan Alavanja
  • Leo Boljesic is a supporting character who helps Bore Lee navigate the challenges of the city in the plot. Leo Boljesic
  • Marko Caklovic is a supporting character who helps Bore Lee navigate through the challenges of city life. Marko Caklovic

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Bore Lee: U kandzama velegrada," Bore Lee, portrayed by Mario Kovac, Kresimir Pauk, and Ivan Ramljakin, triumphs over the evil forces threatening the city. With his exceptional martial arts skills, Bore Lee defeats the main antagonist, bringing peace and restoring harmony to the velegrada. The film concludes with a celebration of Bore Lee's heroic actions, leaving audiences satisfied with the victorious outcome.

Thumbs Down
Mario Kovac Kresimir Pauk Ivan Ramljak Slobodan Alavanja Leo Boljesic Marko Caklovic