Borat | 2006

Directed by: Larry Charles

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Main Plot

"Borat" follows the journey of a fictional Kazakh journalist named Borat Sagdiyev, who is sent to the United States to make a documentary about American culture. As he travels across the country, Borat encounters various real-life individuals, engaging them in comedic and often controversial situations. Through his interactions, Borat exposes cultural differences and challenges societal norms, all while navigating his own personal experiences and misunderstandings. The film is a satirical commentary on cultural stereotypes and offers a humorous exploration of cultural clashes and misunderstandings.


  • Borat Sagdiyev is a character played by Sacha Baron Cohen in the movie Borat. He is a Kazakh journalist who travels to the United States to make a documentary.
  • Ken Davitian plays the character Azamat Bagatov, who is Borat's producer and traveling companion throughout the film.
  • Luenell plays the role of a babysitter in the plot of Borat.


In the conclusion of Borat, Borat and his producer, Azamat, attend a Pamela Anderson book signing event in California. Borat plans to kidnap Anderson and make her his wife, but his plan fails as security guards intervene. Borat then realizes the error of his ways and decides to return to Kazakhstan. However, he discovers that his village has been transformed due to his actions and decides to stay in America. Borat eventually finds Azamat in a hotel room with another man, leading to a fight between them. After their altercation, Borat attends an etiquette class, where he falls in love with a woman named Luenell. They marry and Borat becomes a successful TV presenter in Kazakhstan, with his show being aired on American television.

Larry Charles