Boon | 2022

Directed by: Derek Presley

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Main Plot

A small town is plagued by a mysterious creature, and a group of friends must uncover the truth behind its existence before they become its next victims.


  • Neal McDonough plays the character Boon in the film Boon. He is the main character and drives the plot.
  • Tommy Flanagan's character in the plot of Boon is named "Wee Jock" and he is Boon's loyal sidekick.
  • Jason Scott Lee plays the character of Boon in the film "Boon," but there is no information available about his role in the plot.


In the ending of "Boon," directed by Derek Presley, the protagonist, Boon, confronts his troubled past and seeks redemption. He embarks on a journey of self-discovery and faces the consequences of his actions. Through a series of emotional encounters and personal growth, Boon finds the strength to make amends and reconcile with those he has hurt. The conclusion showcases Boon's transformation as he embraces forgiveness and learns to move forward, leaving behind the mistakes of his past.

Derek Presley