Bon Cop Bad Cop | 2006

Directed by: Erik Canuel

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Main Plot

Bon Cop Bad Cop is a Canadian action-comedy film directed by Erik Canuel. The story revolves around two police officers, one from Ontario and the other from Quebec, who are forced to work together to solve a murder case. Despite their cultural and linguistic differences, they must put aside their rivalry and cooperate to catch a serial killer who is targeting hockey officials. As they delve deeper into the investigation, they uncover a conspiracy that goes beyond their initial assumptions, leading them on a thrilling and dangerous journey.


  • Michel Beaudry is a corrupt police officer who serves as the main antagonist in the plot of Bon Cop Bad Cop.
  • Patrice BĂ©langer plays the character Martin Ward, a straight-laced Ontario detective who is paired with a laid-back Quebec detective to solve a murder case.
  • Pierre Boudreau is a detective who teams up with a Quebecois detective to solve a murder case involving a hockey rivalry between Ontario and Quebec.


In the ending of "Bon Cop Bad Cop," directed by Erik Canuel, the two main characters, David Bouchard and Martin Ward, successfully uncover a conspiracy involving corrupt politicians and businessmen. They manage to expose the mastermind behind the crimes, Jean-Pierre Richard, who is arrested. Despite their initial differences, Bouchard and Ward develop a mutual respect and understanding. Bouchard decides to stay in Quebec and continue his work as a police officer, while Ward returns to Ontario. The film ends with Bouchard and Ward bidding each other farewell, acknowledging the bond they have formed throughout their investigation. The conclusion highlights the importance of collaboration and overcoming differences for the greater good.

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