Bob Dylan: Dont Look Back | 1967

Directed by: D.A. Pennebaker

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Main Plot

Documentary covering Bob Dylan's 1965 tour of England, which includes appearances by Joan Baez and Donovan.


  • Bob Dylan's character in "Dont Look Back" is the main focus of the documentary, showcasing his music and personal journey.
  • Albert Grossman is a manager and producer who played a significant role in shaping Bob Dylan's career.
  • Bob Neuwirth serves as a friend and collaborator of Bob Dylan, providing support and contributing to the music and performances.


The ending of "Bob Dylan: Don't Look Back" shows Bob Dylan performing a powerful rendition of "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" at the Royal Albert Hall in London. As he sings, the camera pans to capture the audience's reactions, which range from awe to confusion. The film concludes with a shot of Dylan walking away, leaving his fans and the chaos behind, symbolizing his departure from the folk music scene and his evolution as an artist.

D.A. Pennebaker