Becoming Bond | 2017

Directed by: Josh Greenbaum

 Movie Poster (spoilers)

Main Plot

A look at the troubled acting career of George Lazenby and his short-lived association with James Bond.


  • George Lazenby plays the role of James Bond in Becoming Bond, a documentary about his life and experience as 007.
  • Josh Lawson's character, Peter Sellers, serves as a mentor and guide for George Lazenby's character, helping him navigate the world of acting.
  • Kassandra Clementi plays the role of Chrissie in "Becoming Bond", a woman who becomes involved with George Lazenby's character.


In the ending of "Becoming Bond," directed by Josh Greenbaum, George Lazenby reflects on his life as the only actor to portray James Bond only once. He realizes that his decision to leave the iconic role was driven by fear and insecurity. Lazenby acknowledges the impact of his choices on his relationships and career, ultimately finding contentment in his unconventional path and the love he has found.