Beas Vorstellung von Glück | 2007

Directed by: Martin Menzel

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Main Plot

"Beas Vorstellung von Glück" is a film directed by Martin Menzel. It tells the story of Bea, a young woman who embarks on a journey to discover her own happiness and fulfillment in life. The film explores themes of self-discovery and the pursuit of happiness.


  • Nicole Lippold is a supporting character in the plot of "Beas Vorstellung von Glück."
  • Gabriele Domschke is a character in "Beas Vorstellung von Glück" and her role in the plot is not specified.
  • Tobias D. Weber is a supporting character in the plot of "Beas Vorstellung von Glück" and plays the role of Bea's best friend.


In the ending of "Beas Vorstellung von Glück," Bea, a young woman searching for happiness, finally finds contentment within herself. She realizes that happiness is not dependent on external factors, but rather on embracing one's own uniqueness and pursuing personal passions. As she lets go of societal expectations and societal pressure, Bea discovers the true meaning of happiness and begins to live a fulfilling life on her own terms. The film concludes with Bea radiating joy and inspiring others to also find their own paths to happiness.

Martin Menzel