Battle Beyond the Stars | 1980

Directed by: Jimmy T. Murakami, Roger Corman

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Main Plot

A farm boy recruits a band of outlaws to save the planet Akir from forces that threaten to wipe them out from the face of the universe. A battle stretching beyond the stars begins here.


  • George Peppard's character, Cowboy, is a skilled space cowboy who aids a young hero in defending their planet.
  • Robert Vaughn's character, Gelt, is a skilled mercenary who joins forces with the hero to defend a peaceful planet.
  • Richard Thomas plays the lead character, a young farmer who embarks on a mission to save his planet from destruction.


In the ending of Battle Beyond the Stars, the villainous Sador is defeated by the united efforts of a group of diverse warriors led by Shad. They manage to destroy Sador's spaceship, saving the peaceful planet Akir from his tyranny. As a result, the people of Akir celebrate their victory and Shad bids farewell to his newfound allies, leaving with his love interest, Nanelia, to explore the universe together.

Jimmy T. Murakami, Roger Corman