Aysecik - Bos Besik | 1965

Directed by: Hulki Saner

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Main Plot



  • Zeynep Degirmencioglu's character in Aysecik - Bos Besik is a supportive friend who helps Aysecik overcome challenges.
  • Muzaffer Akgün's character plays a supportive role in the plot of Aysecik - Bos Besik.
  • Abdurrahman Palay is a supportive character who helps Aysecik's family and aids in their struggle against their enemies.


In the ending of "Aysecik - Bos Besik," directed by Hulki Sanerin, Aysecik's mother, who had been believed to be dead, is finally found alive. Aysecik reunites with her mother, bringing joy and relief to their lives. The film concludes on a heartwarming note as the family is happily reunited, emphasizing the power of love and the importance of family bonds.