Are We Done Yet | 2007

Directed by: Steve Carr

Are We Done Yet Poster

Main Plot

A newly married couple with children decide to move to the suburbs for a fresh start. However, their dream house turns out to be a nightmare, leading to a series of comical and chaotic events as they attempt to renovate and make it their own.


  • Nick Persons, a husband and stepfather, who is trying to renovate a house for his growing family. Ice Cube
  • Nia Long's character in "Are We Done Yet?" is Suzanne Kingston, who is the wife of the main character. Nia Long
  • John C. McGinley's character in "Are We Done Yet?" is a real estate agent who helps the main character with house renovations. John C. McGinley

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Are We Done Yet?", Nick and his family finally settle into their newly renovated house. They celebrate their accomplishment with a housewarming party, where they are joined by their new friends and neighbors. The family reflects on their journey and the challenges they faced along the way, realizing that their love and unity helped them overcome all obstacles. With a sense of fulfillment and happiness, they embrace their new home and look forward to the adventures that await them.

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Steve Carr Ice Cube Nia Long John C. McGinley