An American Tail | 1986

Directed by: Don Bluth

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Main Plot

An American Tail follows the journey of a young mouse named Fievel who gets separated from his family while immigrating to America. He must navigate the dangers of the city and find his loved ones, all while discovering the true meaning of family and friendship.


  • Dom DeLuise voiced the character of Tiger, a friendly and cowardly cat who befriends the main character, Fievel Mousekewitz.
  • Christopher Plummer's character in An American Tail is named Henri, and he is a French pigeon who helps Fievel find his family.
  • Erica Yohn's character in An American Tail is Mama Mousekewitz, the mother of the main character Fievel.


In the ending of An American Tail, Fievel, a young mouse, reunites with his family after being separated. They discover that their new home, America, is not as perfect as they had imagined. However, they remain hopeful and determined to build a better future. Fievel's bravery and determination inspire the other mice, leading to a successful plan to defeat the villainous cats. The film concludes with a celebration of unity and the realization that dreams can be achieved through perseverance and the support of loved ones.

Don Bluth