Amaci Olmayan Grup | 2021

Directed by: Ali Tanriverdi

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Main Plot

Unable to find a job, an aimless young man and his best friend form an internet group for those doomed to fail. But the group's success tests their friendship.


  • Sarp Bozkurt's character plays a significant role as a member of a group with no purpose in the plot.
  • Ali Barkin is a member of the group and plays a significant role in the plot.
  • Cagla Irmak's character in "Amaci Olmayan Grup" plays a significant role in the plot, contributing to its development.


In the ending of "Amaci Olmayan Grup" directed by Ali Tanriverdi, the group finally achieves their goal of performing at the music competition. They deliver an outstanding performance that captivates the audience and earns them the first place. The film concludes with the group celebrating their victory and realizing that their passion and determination have paid off, proving that with unity and perseverance, anything is possible.

Ali Tanriverdi