Alter Egos | 2012

Directed by: Jordan Galland

Alter Egos Poster

Main Plot

"Alter Egos" is a superhero comedy film directed by Jordan Galland. The story follows a group of retired superheroes who come out of retirement to save the world from a new supervillain. Along the way, they face personal issues and conflicts within their team.


  • Kris Lemche plays the character Fridge in the movie Alter Egos. Fridge is a superhero with the power of invisibility. Kris Lemche
  • Brooke Nevin plays Claudel, a superheroine with the ability to control ice, in the movie Alter Egos. Brooke Nevin
  • Joey Kern's character in Alter Egos is Fridge, who is a superhero with the power of freezing objects. Joey Kern

Ending Explained

In the ending of Alter Egos, the superheroes and their alter egos unite to defeat a common enemy. They realize that their differences can be overcome when they work together. With their newfound unity, they successfully save the city and restore peace. The film concludes with the superheroes embracing their alter egos and accepting their dual identities, understanding that both sides are essential in their fight against evil.

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Jordan Galland Kris Lemche Brooke Nevin Joey Kern