Ace Ventura: Pet Detective | 1994

Directed by: Tom Shadyac

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Main Plot

A goofy detective specializing in animals goes in search of the missing mascot of the Miami Dolphins.


  • Jim Carrey's character, Ace Ventura, is a pet detective who solves the mystery of a missing dolphin mascot.
  • Courteney Cox plays the role of Melissa Robinson, a journalist who becomes involved in Ace Ventura's investigation.
  • Sean Young's character, Lois Einhorn, plays a prominent role as the antagonist in the plot of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.


In the ending of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Ace discovers that the culprit behind the dolphin kidnapping is the police chief, who wanted to profit from the Miami Dolphins' failure. Ace rescues the dolphin just in time for the Super Bowl halftime show, exposing the chief's plan. The dolphin performs a spectacular trick, gaining the team's victory. Ace reconciles with his love interest, Melissa, and continues his pet detective work, leaving the audience with his signature catchphrase, "Alrighty then!"

Tom Shadyac