Accident Man | 2018

Directed by: Jesse V. Johnson

Accident Man Poster

Main Plot

Accident Man follows the story of Mike Fallon, a highly skilled assassin who specializes in making his kills look like accidents. When his ex-girlfriend is murdered, he sets out on a mission to find the responsible parties and seek revenge.


  • Mike Fallon, a skilled assassin known as the Accident Man, is the protagonist who specializes in making his hits look like accidents.
  • Ray Stevenson's character in Accident Man is a hitman named Mick, who helps the protagonist cover up murders.
  • Milton is David Paymer's character in Accident Man. He is a mentor and friend to the main character.

Ending Explained

In the ending of Accident Man, Mike Fallon successfully avenges the murder of his ex-girlfriend by taking down the powerful criminal organization responsible. He exposes their corrupt activities to the authorities, ensuring justice is served. However, Mike's actions come at a heavy cost, as he loses several friends and allies along the way. Reflecting on the consequences of his violent lifestyle, Mike decides to retire from his life as an assassin, seeking redemption and a chance at a more peaceful existence.

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Jesse V. Johnson Scott Adkins Ray Stevenson David Paymer