A Star Is Born | 2018

Directed by: Bradley Cooper

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Main Plot

"A Star Is Born" follows the passionate but troubled musician Jackson Maine, who discovers and falls in love with aspiring singer Ally. As Ally's career takes off, Jackson battles his own personal demons and struggles with addiction, which threatens to destroy their relationship. As Ally rises to stardom, Jackson's downward spiral intensifies, leading to a heartbreaking climax that tests their love and resilience. This emotional and poignant story explores the sacrifices and challenges of fame, as well as the power of love and music.


  • Lady Gaga's character in A Star Is Born is Ally, a talented singer-songwriter who becomes the love interest and protege of a seasoned musician.
  • Bradley Cooper's character in A Star Is Born is Jackson Maine, a famous musician struggling with alcoholism and falls in love with a talented young singer named Ally.
  • Sam Elliott's character in A Star Is Born is Bobby Maine, who is a close friend and older half-brother to Jackson Maine, played by Bradley Cooper.


In the ending of "A Star Is Born," Ally, a talented singer, achieves immense success while her husband, Jackson, a famous musician battling addiction, tragically takes his own life. Devastated by his death, Ally mourns his loss but eventually finds the strength to continue her career. She dedicates her first performance after his passing to him, singing a heartfelt tribute. Ally's career skyrockets, and she becomes a renowned artist. However, she struggles with the pressure and the loss of Jackson. In the final scene, she visits his grave, leaving behind a guitar pick as a symbol of their connection. The film concludes with Ally performing a touching song in his memory, honoring his legacy and the love they shared.

Bradley Cooper Drama Music Romance