A Soap | 2006

Directed by: Pernille Fischer Christensen

A Soap Poster

Main Plot

A tragicomedy focused on the relationship between the owner of a beauty clinic and a transgender woman.


  • Trine Dyrholm's character plays the lead role of Charlotte, a woman who forms a relationship with a transgender woman. Trine Dyrholm
  • David Dencik's character in "A Soap" plays a crucial role in the plot as a love interest and catalyst for change. David Dencik
  • Frank Thiel is a pivotal character in the plot of A Soap, whose actions and decisions lead to significant developments. Frank Thiel

Ending Explained

In the ending of "A Soap," Charlotte and Veronica reconcile after their tumultuous relationship. They decide to start fresh and move in together, leaving behind their past issues. As they embrace each other, they express their love and commitment, symbolizing a new beginning for their relationship. The film concludes with a sense of hope and redemption, suggesting that love can overcome obstacles and bring two people closer together.

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Pernille Fischer Christensen Trine Dyrholm David Dencik Frank Thiel