A Goofy Movie | 1995

Directed by: Kevin Lima

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Main Plot

A Goofy Movie follows the misadventures of Goofy and his teenage son, Max, as they embark on a cross-country road trip. Along the way, they encounter various obstacles and learn valuable lessons about family, friendship, and growing up.


  • Bill Farmer voices Goofy, who is the father of the main character and embarks on a road trip with him.
  • Jason Marsden plays Max Goof, the main character who embarks on a road trip with his father, Goofy.
  • Jim Cummings voices Pete, a neighbor and friend of Goofy who offers advice and helps Goofy on his road trip.


In the ending of A Goofy Movie, Max and Goofy reconcile their differences and grow closer as father and son. Max confesses his true feelings to Roxanne, who forgives him for lying. Goofy realizes his mistakes and supports Max's dreams of becoming a musician. They attend the Powerline concert together, where Max performs on stage and impresses everyone. Goofy is proud of Max's talent, and they share a heartfelt moment. The movie ends with Max and Roxanne officially becoming a couple, and Goofy finding love with a fellow single parent, Sylvia.

Kevin Lima