211 Het Spel Van De Wolf | 2014

Directed by: Thomas Korthals Altes

211 Het Spel Van De Wolf Poster

Main Plot

The conspiracy: the killing of Theo van Gogh. What was the role of the Dutch politics, the secret service (AIVD) and the press?


  • Susan Visser's character plays a crucial role in the plot of "Het spel van de wolf" on February 11th. Susan Visser
  • Johan Leysen's character plays a significant role in the plot of 2/11 Het spel van de wolf. Johan Leysen
  • Pierre Bokma plays a significant role in the plot of "2/11 Het spel van de wolf," but further details are needed to provide a concise description. Pierre Bokma

Ending Explained

In the ending of "Het spel van de wolf" directed by Thomas Korthals Altes, the truth about the wolf's game is revealed. It turns out to be a psychological experiment conducted by a group of scientists. The participants, who were unknowingly involved, are shocked to discover the reality. As the experiment concludes, they are left questioning their own actions and the manipulation they experienced. The film ends on a thought-provoking note, leaving the audience to ponder the consequences of such experiments.

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Thomas Korthals Altes Susan Visser Johan Leysen Pierre Bokma